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Sr. Title of the Technology Name of Inventor
Name of the Department
1 " Methodology of improving formability in planar anisotropic sheets Asim Tewari,Sushil Mishra,Vivek Kumar Barnwal Mechanical Engineering
2 "Experimental Lab-scale Steam Generator Apparatus for Operational Controls Training and R&D" Paluri S Vydeeswara Nataraj,Sunil P U,Dr Jayesh Barve,Benny John Systems & Control Engineering, NPCIL
3 "Intellectual Property Management System Tool (IPMS tool)" Prof.Karuna Jain ,Gouri Ashok Gargate SJMSOM,IITB
4 "Single event soft error (SE) tolerant latch Prof Maryam Shojaei Baghini and Anjan Kumar Pudi N S Electrical Engineering
5 A biasing circuit for a PMOSFET resistor for compensating process, voltage and temperature (PVT) variations affecting the resistance of the PMOSFET resistor Maryam Shojaei Baghini, Anvesha A Electrical Engineering
6 A composite structure of encapsulated core-shell nanoparticles and graphene and a method for production thereof Soumyendu Roy,D S Misra,Reeti Bajpai Physics
7 A constant long period vibration-protective pendulum isolator for structures Murnal Pranesh and Ravi Sinha Department of Civil Engineering
8 A cup test to determine the parameter indicating failure in forming of a sheet metal product P P Date Mechanical Engineering
9 A diagnostic method for determining deformations in a transformer or reactor winding S V Kulkarni and P M Joshi Department of Electrical Engineering and Systems & Control Engineering
10 A high power factor fuse protected phase controlled converter Dr. V. P Sunder Singh Electrial Engineering Department
11 A hybrid transmission system B Seth and D Chachra Department Mechanical Engineering
12 A matrix update method for Admittance matrix formation in Real-time Simulation of Power Electronics Mahesh B Patil,SANDEEP V NAIR Electrical Engineering
13 A Mechanical Manipulator Arm C. Amarnath, B. Seth, A. Guha & Abhay Kharande Mechanical Engineering
14 A method of depositing an amorphous-SiC:H barrier layer on a low dielectric material layer R O Dusane, S K Singh, A A Kumbhar Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
15 A method of making a fluid separation material such as membrane of nanopore structure J Bellare Department of Chemical Engineering
16 A Method of Processing Forging Oxide Scale Waste P. P. Date, Kapil Chandan, Girish Narayan Kotwal Mechanical Engineering
17 A method of processing shopfloor metallic waste P. P. Date, Kapil Chandan, Girish Narayan Kotwal Mechanical Engineering
18 A method of treating a low k dielectric material R O Dusane, S K Singh, A A Kumbhar Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
19 A Methodology to Determine Thermal Conductivity of Soils from Flux Measurement Prof. D.N.Singh Civil Engineering
20 A Methodology to Establish Drying-path Soil Water REtention Curve of Fine-grained Soils D N Singh Civil Engineering
21 A Methodology to Investigate Influence of Thermal Energy on Soil fabric D N Singh Civil Engineering
22 A methodology to Simulate Flow through Fractured Rockmass Prof.D N Singh Civil Engineering
23 A Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) sub-module structure for reducing switching losses Anshuman Shukla,Maddineni Prudhvi Mohan Electrical Engineering
24 A novel and inexpensive design for establishing flow rates in Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMBC) system Prof Sharad Bhartiya,Hariprasad K. Chemical Engineering
25 A novel dual switching operation of Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMBC) system for enhancing key component purity Sharad Bhartiya,S V Vignesh,Hariprasad K. Chemical Engineering
26 A novel method for multiple object tracking B Seth, Amrish C Acharya, Rahul Raj, and Koustubh Moharir Department of Mechanical Engineering
27 A segmented switched reluctance motor as hub drive for an electric vehicle Baylon G. Fernandes, Nikam Saurabh Prakash, Rallabandi Vandana Prabhakar Electrical Engineering
28 A system and method for electricity price forecasting S A Khaparde, V.S.K. Murthy B Electrical Engineering
29 A triaxial geocomposite testing apparatus for simultaneously calibrating multiple pressure transducers Satyanarayana Murthy Dasaka, Dave Trudeep Nitinchandra Civil Engineering
30 A variable period vibration protective pendulum isolator for structures Murnal Pranesh and Ravi Sinha Department of Civil Engineering
31 AC current driven open-bridge configuration for measuring impedance variations of a sensor Maryam Shojaei Baghini,V Ramgopal Rao,Neena A. Gilda,Dinesh K Sharma,Sudip Nag Electrical Engineering
32 An apparatus for measuring cosmic ray flux in a radiosonde telemetry system, and a method thereof Sridhar Balasubramanian,Gatkine Pradip Rupkumar Mechanical Engineering
33 An apparatus to determine the lysimetric method for modelling radioactive contaminant transport in soil mass Prof.D N Singh Civil Engineering
34 An environment and user friendly and efficient method and formulation for cleaning cloths M Sharon Department of Chemistry
35 An on-line Diagnostic Method for Health Monitoring of a Transformer S V Kulkarni & P M Joshi Department of Electrical Engineering & Systems Control Enginnering
36 Apparatus and method for establishing soil water charactersitc curve and determining hydraulic conductivity of soils D N Singh Civil Engineering
37 Apparatus and method for measuring moisture content in medium using Time Domain Reflectometry Prof Maryam Shojaei Baghini,Kamlesh Kumar Singh,P Aravind and Mangesh Gurav Electrical Engineering
38 Bitumen Coated Bamboo cell (BCBC) Jnanendra Nath Mandal,Sharath Ravindran,Sushovan Dutta Civil Engineering
39 Colored thermal imaging using uncooled opto-thermo mechanical device without electronics or electrics P R Apte, B Seth, O Kharhade, and S Chiluveru Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
40 Colorimetric sensing of bisulphate ion (HSO3-) by calix[4]-conjugate protected Ag-nanoparticles CP Rao,Amitabha Acharya Chemistry
41 Contraction Vortex Flowmeter Prof S V Prabhu,Prof Amit Agrawal,A.Venugopal and Mohadikar Kapil Deorao Mechanical Engineering
42 Cracking Characteristics of Fine-grained Soils Under Varied Environmental Conditions Prof.D N Singh,Venkata Uday Kala Civil Engineering
43 Design and Development of a Gearless Spherical Robot leena vachani ,THAKAR SHANTANU KIRAN,DWARACHERLA VIKRANTH REDDY, Dhiraj Gandhi,Akshay Khatri Systems and Control Eng
44 Design of a probe for measuring radiative heat flux of combustion systems S V Prabhu,Sudarshan Kumar Mechanical Engineering
45 Determination of Crack VOlume in Fine-grained Soils D N Singh Civil Engineering
46 Elimination of Support Mechanism in Additive Manufacturing through Five Axis Deposition Prof.K P Karunakarapoopathi,Sajan Kapil Mechanical Engineering
47 Encasements prepared with plastic water bottles Sushovan Dutta,Jnanendra Nath Mandal Civil Engineering
48 Fabrication of ceramic carbon composites with low specific resistance Prof.Parag Bhargava,Rahul Kumar Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science
49 Flow distributor for Thermocline Storage Tank Shireesh B. Kedare,Manaswita Bose,Salunkhe Nikhil Arun Energy Science and Engineering
50 Flow measuring device for high temperature fluids Prof Shireesh B.Kedare,Manaswita Bose and Salunkhe Nikhil Arun Energy Science and Engineering
51 Foot Operated bottle Crusher Pranav Ajit,Abhimanyu ,Ravi Gehlot,Shashank Energy Science and Engineering
52 Game Board set - Feel Fill Fit U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
53 Game Board set - Lumino Trapz U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
54 Game Board set - Magneteyez U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
55 Game Board set - Roll it Green U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
56 Game Board set - Wobble U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
57 Game set - Chuno Chunao U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
58 Game set - Cri-Tric U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
59 Game set - Delta Attack U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
60 Game set - Over the top U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
61 Game set - PugPloy U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
62 Game set - UltiPolity U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
63 Haptic Based Virtual Snooker Game S Chaudhuri Department of Electrical Engineering
64 Influence of Initial Water Content and Specimen Thickness on the SWCC of Fine-grained Soils Prof.D N Singh Civil Engineering
65 Intellectual Property Management System Tool (IPMS tool) Prof.Karuna Jain ,Gouri Ashok Gargate SJMSOM
66 Inverted switched reluctance motor as hub drive for electric vehicle B G Fernandes, D P Mahajan Department Electrical Engineering
67 Lipoxygenase inactivated and sterilised legumes and cereal products A Chakraborty and M Mukhopadhyay Department of Chemical Engineering
68 Low Speed High Diffusion Axial Fan/Compressor Rotor Blade design with computer generated airfoils in to a blended blade shape Bhaskar Roy,A M Pradeep,Nimje Snehal Vijay,Hong Yu,Peter Townsend aerospace Enginering
69 Mechanical System for multi level farming THAVARE KSHITIJ SHANTARAM Mechanical Engineering
70 Method and injector for controlling gas flow in a duct Bhaskar Roy,BHATIA DINESH KANHAIYA,A M PradeepAerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering
71 Method and System for Soil Classification D N Singh,Susha Lekshmi S U,Kadali Srinivas Civil Engineering
72 Method for calculating capacitance value and magnetizing inductance value for smooth sustained voltage build up in an induction generator Rajesh Kumar Thakur, Vivek Agarwal, PSV Nataraj System Control Engg. and Electrical Engg.
73 Method for frictionless precision guidance using flexible links in vertical plane Prof. Prasanna S Gandhi,GAGAN MAKHIJA Mechanical Engineering
74 Method for hydroxylation of graphene Robin Singla,Trupti N. Warang,Anil Kottantharayil Electrical Engineering
75 Method for increasing the hydrophobicity of the paper Debjani Paul,Ammar Jagirdar Biosciences and Bioengineering
76 Method for Sensing Carbon Monoxide Gas using Iron Porphyrin in Organic Field Effect Transistor as a Sensor V. Ramgopal Rao, Raval Harshil Narendrabhai, Mrunal A.K., Challa Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Srikalahasthi, Chittoor
77 Method of fastening a plurality of structures Prof Kishorilal Munshi Industrial Design Centre
78 Method Of Processing Co-Zn Ferrite Bilayers To Achieve High Magnetization Prof.Shiva Prasad,Prof.Narayanan Venkataramani,Baidyanath Sahu ,Prof Narayanan Venkataramani Physics
79 Micro Deformation Device Patel Edul Mehernosh, Prita Pant Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
80 Mumbai Suburban Railmap Prof.Mandar S. Rane,Ms. Patil Snehal Rajendra Sadhana,Mr. Jaikishan Patel Industrial Design Centre
81 Novel device to aid learning of fractions and mathematical operations U A Athavankar and Anushree Agrahari Industrial Design Centre
82 Novel high-electron mobility transistor Dipankar Saha, Swaroop Ganguly Electrical Engineering
83 Novel nano-actuator based curvature measurement system Prita Pant,Rahil H Bharani Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
84 Novel strength enhancing insert assemblies N K Naik and N Rao Department of Aerospace Engineering
85 Paper package for fragile/ brittle products Kruttika Gulhane Industrial Design Centre
86 Polymer piezoresistive microcantilever CO sensor and method of making the same V. Ramgopal Rao, Mrunal A. K., Challa Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Electrical Engineering
87 Pretreatment Of Nuts With Microwave Energy To Prevent Infestation With Improvement In Storability Of Food Grains Girish Kumar,Narendra G Shah,Ipsita Das Electrical Engineering,CTARA
88 Process for synthesis of TB Doped ZnO Nanoparticles for total control over the UV to green luminiscence (GL) intensity ration and the tunability of UV luminiscence (UVL) Subhabrata Dhar, B.P. Singh, T. Kundu, Arindam Chowdhury Physics & Chemistry
89 Proposal and design of a nano-oscillator based on magnetic domain wall motion Ashwin Tulapurkar,SANCHAR SHARMA,Bhaskaran Muralidharan Electrical Engineering
90 Realization of the composite injection moulds with conformal cooling channels through Hybrid Layered Manufacturing K P Karunakarapoopathi,Sajan Kapil,S. Suryakumar Mechanical Engineering
91 Resonant Pulse Based Exact Maximum Power Point Tracking of mismatched Modules in PV Strings using Current Equalization Vivek Aggrawal, Pooja Sharma Electrical Engineering
92 Reticulated vitreous carbon controlled pore size and enhanced electrical conductivity Harikrishnan G, T Umasankar Patro, and DV Khakhar Department of Chemical Engineering
93 Schottky junctionDiode based thermal neutron detectorspectroscopic technique Siddhartha P Duttagupta,Mayuri Nalinkumar Gandhi,Achintya Das Electrical Engineering
94 Segmented Object Manufacturing Segmented Object Manufacturing Mechanical Engineering
95 Single layer microfluidic device for three dimensional hydrodynamic focusing of a sample fluid using a sheath fluid and method of fabricating the same Prof Amit Agrawal,Siddhartha Tripathi and Amit Kumar Mechanical Engineering
96 Soil Moisture Sensor Based on Electrochemically Synthesized Graphene Quantum Dots Prof Mohammed Aslam,Maryam Shojaei Baghini Physics
97 Tensile structure reinforcement for vehicle bodies Prof.Kishorilal Munshi and Prof.K Ramachandran Industrial Design Centre
98 Text input device for Indic languages A Joshi and A Rathod Industrial Design Centre
99 Trade Raid U.A. Athavankar Industrial Design Centre
100 Tunable Reference Voltage Generating Circuit And Method Therefor Nirmoy Modak,Baibhab Chatterjee,Maryam Shojaei Baghini Electrical Engineering
101 Vehicle body construction with Modular sandwich panels Prof. K. Munshi Industrial Design Centre
102 Voltage Profile Based Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator with Artifact Suppressor Dinesh K Sharma, V Ramgopal Rao, Sudip Nag, Sandeep G. Surya Electrical Engineering
103 Vortex Cross Correlation Flowmeter Prof. S V Prabhu, Prof. Amit Agrawal Mechanical Engineering
104 Wall mounted speed regulator for a BLDC motor driven ceiling fan B G Fernandes, Sandeep Anand Electrical Engineering
105 Wide-field goniometer for spectroscopic measurement of albedo in laboratory and field D Ramakrishnan Earth Sciences
106 Yaw Rate Control in Motor Vehicles Vivek Agarwal, Neralwala Hussain Zakkiuddin Electrical Engineering
107 A system and method for detecting and locating a fault and controlling the tripping of a backup relay in a power transmission network using phasor measurement units S. A. Soman, P. Navalkar Electrical Engineering
108 An Improved Method For Machining A Metallic Object Prof Asim Tewari,Shashikant Narayanrao Joshi,Suhas Sitaram Joshi Mechanical Engineering
109 Current-mode voltage reference with low sensitivity to process,supply voltage and temperature variations Maryam shojaei baghini,Hande vinayak gopal Electrical Engineering
110 Development of Graphene Nanoplatelet embedded Polymer Microcantilever for vapour phase explosive detection applications Prof.V Ramgopal Rao,Prasenjit Ray,Swapnil Pandey Electrical Engineering
111 Dual fuel compression ignition internal combustion engine system employing compressed natural gas and diesel and method of operating the same Patel Brijesh Popatlal,Sreedhara Sheshadri,Arindrajit Chowdhury Mechanical Engineering
112 Methodology for improved machinability of slender tube components of Ti alloy Asim Tewari,Sagar Vasant Telrandhe Mechanical Engineering
113 Mn-Ni-Sn based full Heusler alloys for low temperature exchange bias applications Prof.K G Suresh,Jyoti Sharma Physics
114 New process for reduction of graphene oxide Gulbagh Singh Physics
115 Synthesis of Higher Grade Fly Ash Zeolite X from Fly Ash by Three Step Fusion D N Singh,Bhagwanjee Jha Civil Engineering
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