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Sr. Title of the Technology Name of Inventor
Name of the Department
1 Filter Adsorbent Prof.Mohammed Aslam,Hemen Kumar Kalita Physics
2 Photonic devices by organo-metallic halides based perovkites material and its method of preparation Dinesh Kabra,Naresh Kumar Kumawat Physics
3 1,3-Di-naphthalimide conjugate of calix[4]arene as a fluorescence sensor for the recognition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and their derivatives CP Rao, Bandela Anil Kumar Chemistry
4 A current-source-fed single-power-stage grid connected PV system A Current Source Fed, Input Capacitor-Less Single Power Stage Grid Connected PV System Vivek Agarwal, Kriti Kumar Electrical Engineering
5 A hybrid perovskite material and a thermochromic photovoltaic cell utilizing the hybrid perovskite material Shaibal K. Sarkar,ANSUMAN HALDER Energy Science and Engineering
6 A Low Cost Bi-Directional Grid Tied Pv Microinverter Madhuwanti Joshi Electrical Engineering
7 A multilayer PCB and a method for current density measurement in a fuel cell | Prof P C Ghosh,Gaikwad Shrihari Dadarao,Tapobrata Dey and Debanand Singdeo Prof P C Ghosh,Gaikwad Shrihari Dadarao,Tapobrata Dey and Debanand Singdeo Energy Science and Engineering
8 A new modular multilevel current source converter Prof Anshuman Shukla,Mukeshkumar M. Bhesaniya and Ghat Mahendra Bapusaheb Electrical Engineering
9 A novel mechanical energy storage and release device Ankit Mehta, Student Mechanical Engg. Deptt. and P Seshu Department Mechanical Engineering
10 A PEM CELL WITH UNIFORM HEATING Siddhartha P Duttagupta,Ramesh P. Electrical Engineering
11 A solar cell having three dimensional junctions and a method of forming the same Chetan Singh Solanki Energy Science & Engineering
12 A system for extracting water from air for drinking and cleaning purposes and a method thereof Anil Kottantharayil,Chetan Singh Solanki,Mehul C. Raval,Jim Joseph John Electrical Engineering and Energy Science and Engineering
13 A technique using GSM Voice Channel for Remote Monitoring in Solar Photovoltaic Systems Chetan Singh Solanki,Tejwani Ravi Gopaldas Lata,Girish Kumar Energy Science and Engineering
14 A two body zero-contoured lighter than air platform for Optimized solar power generation Kuntal Ghosh,Siddhartha P Duttagupta,Anirban Guha,Pawar Shriya Vijay Electrical Engineering,Mechanical Engineering
15 Absorption module M V Rane and Akhil Agarwal Department Mechanical Engineering
16 Aluminum Silicide Schottky Diode For Methane Detection In Aqueous Environment By Spectroscopic Technique Siddhartha P Duttagupta,D Ramakrishnan,Sandipta Roy Electrical Engineering
17 An Appartus For Sensing Data Maryam Shojaei Baghini,Vinay Shrinivas Palaparthy,Shahbaz Sarik,V,Kamlesh Kumar Singh, Jobish John,Mangesh Gurav Electrical Engineering
18 An improved process for water treatment to remove Arsenic, Iron and Phosphate by zero valent Iron and a reactor therefore S Chaudhari, K C Khilar, Tuhin Banerji, and Vrajesh Mehta Centre for Environmental Science & Engineering and Chemical Engineering
19 An improved solar photovoltaic module C S Solanki & C S Sangani Department Energy Systems Engineering
20 An Interoperable on-site processing and analysis platform for WSN Prof.Jagarlapudi Adinarayana, Prof. Surya Durbha ,Mr.Sawant Suryakant Ashok Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering
21 An Optimum Emulator of the Dynamic Characteristics of a Wind Turbine Vivek Agarwal,BHAVIK KUMAR G CHAUDHARI,Patel Rahulkumar Rajaram,WANDHARE RUPESH GANPATRAO Electrical Engineering
22 Architecture specific maximum power estimation on a contoured layout of a solar powered LTAP Prof. S P Duttagupta,Kuntal Ghosh,Anirban Guha,Ronit Ganguly Electrical Engineering
23 Asymmetrical triple bridge converter based power electronic transformer Anshuman Shukla,Jakka Venkat Nag Someswar Rao, Shrikrishna V. Kulkarni Electrical Engineering
24 Biological treatment of aqueous effluents containing non aqueous phase liquid pollutants Suparna Mukherji and Anal Chavan Centre for Environmental Science & Engineering
25 Carbon based membrane used for desalination in water, dye degradation and solar concentrator Prof Sumit Saxena, Pranav Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science
26 Contacting device M V Rane and S V Kota Reddy Department of Mechanical Engineering
27 Counter flow heat exchanger for a Joule-Thomson cryocooler Atrey Milind Diwakar, Gandhi Prasanna subhash (IITB) Phatak Girish Jayant (C-Met) Department of Mechanical Engineering & Centre for Material for Electronics Technology (C-Met)
28 Cryogen free superconducting transformer M D Atrey Mechanical Engineering
29 Direct Powdered Rice Husk Nano - Gasifier Cum Reactive - Chromatographic Reformer As A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Source Prof Siddhartha P Duttagupta and Tarkeshwar Chandrakant Electrical Engineering
30 Dry Sanitation System K Munshi Industrial Design Centre
31 Energy Conversion System Baylon G. Fernandes, Sandeep Anand Electrical Engineering
32 Energy efficient regeneration process M V Rane and S V Kota Reddy Department Mechanical Engineering
33 Energy Storage Device With Dendrimer Functionalized Nanoparticles And Fabrication Method Thereof Sudeshna Chandra,Dhirendra Bahadur,Mumukshu D Patel Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science
34 Fe3O4 nanoparticles embedded ZnO assemblies Direndara Bahadur, Sarika Singh, Kanhu Charan Barick Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science and (Kanhu Charan Barick) chemistry
35 Freeze concentration system M V Rane and S Jabade Department of Mechanical Engineering
36 Freeze Concentration System with Tubular Heat Exchanger M V Rane, Yogesh S. Padiya Mechanical Engineering
37 Fuel Cell Stack Design Prakash C. Ghosh Energy Science and Engineering
38 Gel precipitation as scalable, inexpensive technique for synthesis of sub-micron mesoporous powders of mixed oxides and other ceramics for lithium ion battery applications Prof.Sagar Mitra,Sudeep Sarkar,Apoorv A.Shaligram Energy Science and Engineering
39 Heat and Mass Exchanger M V Rane,CHAVAN SHREYAS ATMARAM Mechanical Engineering
40 Heat exchanger M.V Rane, Tiwari Vidyapati Mechanical Engineering
41 Heat Exchanger with Solid Deposition for Enhanced Performance Milind V Rane, Kishor Govind Nayar Mechanical Engineering
42 Heat Pipe based Solar Collector Milind V Rane, Jignesh Rajnikant Mehta Mechanical Engineering
43 Hybrid cooling system M V Rane and S V Kota Reddy Department of Mechanical Engineering
44 Lighter Than Air Platform For Optimized Solar Power Generation Anirban Guha,Siddhartha P Duttagupta,Kuntal Ghosh Mechanical Engineering,Electrical Engineering
45 Method and Apparatus for a Novel Hybrid Solar PV-Wind Integration System with Optimal Number of Power Converters and Inherent System Stability Vivek Agarwal, Rupesh Ganpatrao Wandhare Electrical Engineering
46 Method and device for forming an electrical contact pattern on a solar cell Chetan Singh Solanki Energy Science & Engineering
47 Method and system for A Multiport Modular Grid tied PV Solar Inverter Madhuwanti Joshi Electrical Engineering
48 Method and system for detection and characterization of delamination in PV modules Rajesh Gupta,Archana Sinha ,APPU RSHIKESAN Energy Science and Engineering
49 Method and system for the remediation of sites contaminated with hazardous substances and wastes Shyam R Asolekar CESE
50 Method for balancing voltage in a hybrid modular multilevel converter (MMC) Prof Anshuman ShukIa,Ebin Cherian Mathew,Ghat Mahendra Bapusaheb Electrical Engineering
51 Method for forming metal contact on a surface of a solar cell covered by an anti-reflective coating (ARC) layer Chetan Singh Solanki, Vikrant Ashok Chaudhari Energy Science & Engineering
53 Modular Converter with an auxiliary wave shaping circuit Prof Anshuman ShukIa,Ebin Cherian Mathew,Ghat Mahendra Bapusaheb Electrical Engineering
54 Multi utility vapour compressing system A Dasgupta and M V Rane Department of Mechanical Engineering
55 Porous gas diffusion for fuel cell and related electrochemical applications Arup K Chatterjee, M Sharon and R Banerjee Energy Systems Engineering
56 Post-treatment of silicon nitride film used in a solar cell Prof.Anil Kottantharayil,Sandeep S S ,Mehul Chandrakant Raval Electrical Engineering
57 Process for energy efficient conditioning of air using liquid dessicant M V Rane, S V Kota Reddy and Roshini R Easow Department Mechanical Engineering
58 Reactor for reductive conversion reactions using palladized bacterial cellulose. Sumathi Suresh and Upendra Patel Centre for Environmental Science & Engineering
59 Refrigeration cum water heating system M V Rane and Akhil Agarwal Department Mechanical Engineering
60 SELF-CONTROLLED POWER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Siddhartha P Duttagupta,Ramesh P. Electrical Engineering
61 Single-stage closed cycle Joule-Thomson cryocooler and mixed gas refrigerant therefor Atrey Milind Diwakar, Walimbe Nihar Shripad, Narayankhedkar Kishan Department of Mechanical Engineering
62 Slicing of silicon wafers for PV applications using Wire Electric Discharge Machining (Wire-EDM) Suhas Sitaram Joshi,Ramesh Kumar Singh,Dongre Ganesh Govardhan Mechanical Engineering
63 Solar Air Heater Prof M V Rane,joshi,Dakshata bhave Mechanical Engineering
64 Solar fluid heater M.V Rane, Nilesh Bhatt Mechanical Engineering
65 Solar PV Kits Department of Energy Science and Engineering
66 Sun tracking mechanism with automated cleaning arrangement Chetan Singh Solanki Energy Science & Engineering
67 Switchable heat pipe M V Rane and Akhil Agarwal Department Mechanical Engineering
68 Transformer-less grid connected inverter with two separate PV arrays while minimizing leakage current Prof.Kishore Chatterjee,Dipankar Debnath Electrical Engineering
69 Tube - Tube Heat Exchanger M V Rane and M S Tandale Department of Mechanical Engineering
70 Ultra - Portable Micro - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Testing Setup Siddhartha P Duttagupta,Tarkeshwar Chandrakant Patil Electrical Engineering
71 Ultra-low Power Charge Balancing and Low Noise Stimulator using Adiabatic and Self-clocking techniques Prof. Dinesh K Sharma, Sudip Nag Electrical Engineering
72 Versatile flow field design for fuel cells Prakash chandra Ghosh Energy Science & Engineering
73 Waste Heat Recovery Based Clothes Dryer Abhimanyu Dhariwal,Pranav Ajit Kumar Shetty,Desai Rushil Devang,Parth Bhatia,Iyengar Pranit Shriniwas,Manepalli Akhil,Harshank Agarwal,Ravi Vaidya Energy Science and Engineering
74 Perovskite solar cell including inorganic oxide electron transport material deposited on perovskite absorber layer Shaibal K. Sarkar,Anand Selvin S,Mahuli Neha Bharat,Maikel van Hest Energy Science and Engineering, Centre for Research in Nanotechnology and Science
75 A new apparatus to characterize and quantify the spalling behavior of coal related to Underground Coal Gasification process Anuradda Ganesh,Sminu B,Sanjay Mahajani,Rajendar Kumar Sapru,Rakesh Kumar Sharma Energy Science and Engineering
76 A novel piezoresitive cantilever device for biosensing using silicon nitride and SU8 as anchor V Ramgopal Rao,Rajul Sachin Patkar Electrical Engineering
77 A T-Type NPC Based Flying capacitor/Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Anshuman Shukla,KADAM ABHIJIT ANIL Energy Science and Engineering
78 An Apparatus for Converting Rotary Motion to Reciprocating Motion and Reciprocating Motion to Rotary Motion Nitin Sarangdhar Metange,Milind V Rane Mechanical Engineering
79 Apparatus For Efficient Heat Capture Milind V Rane,Shankargouda Sudhinath,Akshay Parmar Mechanical Engineering
80 Hybrid H-Bridge Modular Multilevel Converter Prof Anshuman Shukla and Ghat Mahendra Bapusaheb Electrical Engineering
81 Oscillator based soil moisture measurement System Maryam Shojaei Baghini,Kamlesh Kumar Singh,P Aravind and Mangesh Gurav Electrical Engineering
82 Panel Heat Exchanger Milind V Rane,ROHIT DHUMANE,Darren Mechanical Engineering
83 Selectively Modulated Aesthetic Reflector Technology (SMART)-Coatings for coloured aesthetic photovoltaic modules Aldrin Antony,ANISHKUMAR SOMAN Energy Science and Engineering
84 Stacked Multi-cell NPC Multilevel Inverter Anshuman Shukla,KADAM ABHIJIT ANIL Energy Science and Engineering
85 Synthesis and characterization of Cu2ZnSnTe4 material via ball milling for solar PV applications Pratibha Sharma,K.R. Balasubramaniam,Devendra Pareek Energy Science and Engineering
86 Wind Augmentation and Air Purifying Unit Rashmi S Patil,Rakesh Kumar,VINAYAK KISHOR PADALKAR,Satinder Kaur Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering
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