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Lifetime achievement Award
For the year 2002, the Lifetime Achievement Award of IIT Bombay has been conferred on Professor Krishnan Pozhath Madhavan of the Department of Chemical Engineering. The award comes to him in recognition of his outstanding contributions as a teacher, scientist, technologist and administrator...more

Prof. K. P. Madhavan

Welcome to the Spring 2002 issue of Update, the newsletter of Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCC), IIT Bombay...more

At a Glance
This section gives you the information on sponsored, consultancy projects, MOUs signed, technology transfers, awards ...more

Insititute Functionaries
List of Institute Functionaries

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Sounding Board
It is known that in the knowledge business of Information Technology and Bioinformatics, India has a great potential. Another opportunity of equal potential, if not a greater one, which does not seem to be adequately appreciated, is the business of providing engineering education at the Bachelor's level...more

In every issue, we focus on a research area at
IIT Bombay. In this issue, the focus is on

Microelectronics and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) deal with the design and fabrication of integrated circuits like microprocessors, memories and communication circuits. The growth of microelectronics the world over during the last 3 decades has been characterised by the now famous Moore's Law, an empirical observation and prediction which states that the complexity of semiconductor integrated circuit doubles every 18 months.

The Agriclinic
The agrarian sector has undoubtedly benefited much from large-scale farming practices ushered in by the Green Revolution. Nevertheless, that fraction of the country's agricultural community, which has relatively low per capita land holding has not had adequate access to farming technologies that can boost productivity..more

Business Connection
The business world of 21st century is unquestionably a dynamic and changing one. The rapid growth in technology in general, and information technology in particular, the globalization of business, and increasing competition are some of the reasons...more

  Epitome (Book Review)
Over the last decade there has been a growing interest in switching from synthetic to natural substances in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The public opinion has also become sensitized to the use of eco-friendly process technologies...more

Development planning in India, initiated in the early fifties, aimed at transforming India from an agrarian economy to an industrialized one. The objective was to follow an industry-led development of the country

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