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As in the previous issues, in the present one also we bring to you a flovour of the variety of R&D initiatives....more

  IRCC Notes
The Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCC) - of which this newsletter UPDATE is a “mouthpiece” - coordinates the entire gamut of funded research  (IITB).....more
Board of Governors & Institute Functionaries
List of Institute Functionaries. This page has links to all the Functionaries and the Departments .....more

Focus On Low
Cost Automation

At a Glance
This section gives you the information on sponsored, consultancy projects, MOUs signed, Technology Commercialization,  honours, News on SITAC, technology transfers, Geotechnical Centrifuge .....more
Epitome- Book Review on Biomaterials
Surgical disciplines as diverse as ophthalmology, cardiology, neuromuscular surgery, orthopaedics and dentistry have been transformed by the advent of the class of products.....more

Special Feature- Techfest 2002
Techfest, the annual technology festival of IIT Bombay, is a unique forum where the youth of today gets an opportunity to experience and interact with science and technology in all its' myriad forms.  Conceived as a forum which enables interaction between students, academia and industry. ......more

Informatics - Media Lab Asia
Media Lab Asia is the conglomerate of a number of regional laboratories in Mumbai, Kanpur, New Delhi, and Chennai, that are today working in collaboration with the Media Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and with participating grassrooots.....more
Business Connection-Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and the Challenges of IPR regime
The emergence of global business systems, and along with it the need for protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) ....more
 Analytics- Assessing Socio-Economic Impacts of Technologies
A major goal of most research organizations is to undertake research and development work that will ultimately bring about improvements in productivity and efficiency and meet other social objectives such as poverty reduction ......more
Commntary- Globalization and the Indian Manufacturing Industry
In the wake of economic globalization and the emergence of Information Technology as a "Business Solution Provider", the manufacturing industry is undergoing major restructuring worldwide.  ....more
Healthfile- Monitoring Healthcare and Water Quality Parameters
Amongst the major impediments to universal health care in India is a lack of availability of affordable, modern diagnostic services to the vast majority of our population- which is served , which is served, if at all, by ill-equipped primary health-care centres.
Low Cost Automation(LCA)
N. Ramakrishnan
:Under the present regime of globalization and liberalization, it has become imperative for manufacturing organizations to inculcate an ethos of competitiveness.....more

Micro-Controller Based LCA
D. K. Sharma
:Modern techniques for implementing automation schemes make heavy use of micro-computer based design. Micro- computer based design brings flexibility....more

LCA in Batch Process Industries
K. P. Madhavan:The manufacturing environment today is changing with intense competition, tighter requirements on product quality and stringent guidelines on environmental compliance....more
FOCUS:Examples of LCA
CASE 1: Automation of Arc Welding Process :Arc welding is a tedious process, requiring skill. The system shown in Fig. A shows a simple, low cost ....more

CASE 2: Flexible Gripper for Pick and Place Units:A segmental mechanism with simple links and pulleys is used. The mechanism is actuated by a pair of wires- one being a "gripper wire" and the other a "release wire."....more

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