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Types of Projects
Anybody from Industry/ External Agency can contact the Institute to solve for almost any type of problem/need in almost every discipline subject of engineering, technology and science. The Institute through its faculty/ Scientist/ Technical Staff can handle such external requests of the industry/ agency that can come under the term consultancy in its broadest sense. For illustration, a list of the Types of Consultancy services being offered is given below:

  • Analytical studies
  • Calibration
  • Cause-and -remedy studies
  • Simulation/ modeling/ optimization
  • Design of systems/components/processes
  • Development of industrial products/systems
  • Development of systems software/application software for offline/online applications.
  • Development of laboratories
  • Human Resource development programmes
  • Recruitment/entrance examinations
  • Testing of industrial products/samples
  • Validation of designs/drawings
  • Retainership of faculty in advisory capacity over specified periods