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Heat Pipe based Solar Collector


Evacuated glass tube solar thermal collector. The solar thermal collector comprises a tubular manifold having atleast one good thermal conductor material heat receiving fluid flow pipe located therein in spaced apart relationship with the inner wall thereof  and extending along the length thereof. The manifold defines a common condensation zone  therein along the length thereof in the space surrounding the heat receiving fluid flow pipe. The tubular manifold further has a resealable port . A plurality of evacuated glass tubes are arranged along the length of the tubular manifold perpendicular thereto and mounted to the tubular manifold at one ends thereof packed with breathable thermal insulation . The evacuated glass tubes are mounted to a protective support  at the other ends thereof. Each of the evacuated glass tubes has a thermal conductor material evaporator pipe located therein preferably at the center thereof along the length thereof in spaced apart relationship with the inner wall of the evacuated glass tube. The evaporator pipes contain a working fluid and communicate with the common condensation zone in the tubular manifold. A cover is provided for the tubular manifold .

Indian patent application no. 1606/MUM/2011

Inventors: Milind V Rane, Jignesh Rajnikant Mehta