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File Last modified on: Wed Nov 18, 2020 22:50:34
Method and device for forming an electrical contact pattern on a solar cell

In the era of clean/green technologies, consistent efforts are being made to increase power output from the solar PV modules that are now widely used across countries to generate clean electrical power. In order to improve the power output from the solar PV modules, a sun tracking system is generally implemented.  However, due to the environmental conditions significant amount of dust gets deposited on PV modules that  blocks the incident light from the sun and hence reduces the power generation capacity of module. The power output reduces as much as by 50% if the module is not cleaned even for a month. Another limitation that such sun tracking systems face is with the sensors that are required for the exact determination of the position of the sun. These sensors sometime creates problem in situation like in the cloudy season they won't be able to track the exact position of sun. As a result of this, sun rays may not fall on the solar PV panels perpendicularly and energy conversion will not be efficient.

Thus, there is a need to device a sun tracking system that address the above problems and yet provide a good power output from such sun tracking systems. This  invention relates to the solar panel that includes a cleaning assembly, the solar panel being mounted for rotation about a horizontal axis along a semi-circular path and the cleaning assembly comprising an oblong brush held across the front face of the solar panel and slidable back and forth along the front face of the solar panel.


Indian patent application no. 1787/MUM/2010 published under No WO 2011/161696 on 29 December 2011
Inventor: Chetan Singh Solanki, Energy Science & Engineering