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A method and a system for producing thermolabile nanoparticles with controlled properties and nanoparticles matrices made thereby

This invention relates to a single-step, continuous method and a system for processing thermolabile biomaterials, like lipids and biopolymers, and heat-sensitive drug molecules, into nanoparticles with controlled properties. The method enables control over time-temperature history to influence aerosol dynamics and achieve minimal thermal damage to matrix materials or encapsulated agents. Nanoparticles of different sizes (50–500 nm), structure (solid–sphere and shell–type) and crystallinity (10–100%), with controlled-release properties, are obtained under differing process conditions using the said innovation. These nanoparticles are suitable for therapeutic, cosmetic and diagnostic applications. .

Industrial application:
1. Healthcare industry.

Indian patent application no. 2213/MUM/2011
Inventors: Chandra Venkataraman, Amol Ashok Pawar