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Game Design at DDS 2012
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Game Board set - Feel Fill Fit

F3 is a game based on visualisation and luck which also involves some amount of strategy. It is played by four players. It is designed for children above 8 years of age.

This game has three levels. Hardware consists of 3 foldable boards of fabric (for three levels) every board has 4 cavities of that level. There are three small bags (one for each level), each bag has twelve pieces of that level. There are four masks for four player and an electronic timer.

At the start players take out four masks, timer and board & bag of level they want to play. Players open the board and create central box. Put all the twelve pieces of that level in the box. Pockets of board have a shape cavity. Players are not allowed to take out cavities till they blindfold themselves.

Now, players take out their respective cavities and feel it with their hand. Any one of the players starts the timer and all players collect three pieces from central box. Players try to fit the pieces in given cavity by imagining the shape and touching it and matching it with the cavity. Player identifies piece that does not match and shouts 'Pass' to exchange it with player who responds with call .Pass.. Player who fills his cavity first wins the game. Timer will generate .Beep. sound after two minutes, after which every player puts all his pieces (including the correct pieces) back in the central box and again pick three pieces. Game continues till two players remain.

Since, visual sense of players is blocked by blindfolding, he is forced to use his other senses of touch and visualise the shape. Hence, this game develops players. visualisation skill & imagination of space.

Blindfolding and shouting creates anxiety and chaos which also adds fun.

To increase the repeatability of the game three levels are created. Difficulty is increased by changing the shape of cavity and pieces, but numbers of pieces are kept same.

The game was very well accepted by children. Third level of game requires little improvement as it was found difficult for children.

Design Registration No. 229050