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A solar cell having three dimensional junctions and a method of forming the same


A method of forming a solar cell  having three dimensional junctions  created between a conductive substrate having a first conductivity and a conductive layer  having an opposite second conductivity comprising the steps of applying the conductive layer  on a top surface of the conductive substrate , exposing selective portions of the conductive layer  to laser radiations having a wavelength ranging upto 10.6 µm. Due to this laser application, the conductive layer  diffuses across a thickness of the conductive substrate  in the form of a plurality of channels . The plurality of channels  being formed in spaced apart relationship with each other. Thereafter, metal contacts are thermosetted on a bottom surface  of the conductive substrate  for electrically connecting exposed ends of the plurality of channels.  

Indian patent application no. 3467/MUM/2010

Inventors: Chetan Singh Solanki