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File Last modified on: Wed Nov 18, 2020 22:50:34
Novel process to extract nutraceutical concentrates

A process for the extraction of nutraceutical concentrate enriched with active ingredients by using supercritical fluid has also been developed. Nutraceuticals are natural, bioactive compounds that have health promoting and disease preventing properties. Traditionally solvent extraction has been used to extract the nutrients. This may be phased out in the near future to meet international standards. The nutraceuticals produced using supercritical fluid extraction is of superior quality with no microbes or solvent residue. Super critical CO2 is the most preferred fluid solvent; as it is easily available, low cost, near-ambient critical temperature, non-flammable and inherently non-toxic.

During extraction the plant source is first washed with an organic solvent in which the active ingredient should be insoluble. Selective leaching is done to remove undesired components. Supercritical fluid fractionation of the treated plant source using a single separator with varying time at ambient pressure is conducted. The process allows easy and superior nutraceutical concentrate extraction.

Indian patent application no. 545/MUM/2004 Patent grant no. 213518
Inventors: M Mukhopadhyay and H Karamta