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A novel mechanical energy storage and release device

The present invention is an improved mechanical energy storage and release device comprising of wound energy storage element(s), an arbor, a casing and a means of charging. The energy storage element is connected at one end to the arbor and at another to the casing. The energy storage element is wound helically layer by layer with each layer connected to the other at one end thus leading to a high energy density and mechanical efficiency configuration, since a larger number of turns can be accommodated in the system. One of the applications of the device is as a rechargeable battery. The electrical generator connected to the output end of the configuration produces electrical energy by the virtue of the drive from the wound energy storage element. The device is capable of being configured for use in various applications/uses.

Indian patent application no. 607/MUM/2004 Patent grant no.
Inventors: Ankit Mehta, Student Mechanical Engg. Deptt. and P Seshu