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File Last modified on: Wed Nov 18, 2020 22:50:34
Reactor for reductive conversion reactions using palladized bacterial cellulose

A method and use of biogenic polymer namely cellulose to support palladium for use in catalytic processing of an affluent stream has been developed by Dr. Suresh and her team at IITB. A broad aspect of the invention is palladized bacterial cellulose immobilized on a support provided for reductive or hydrogenation conversion of pollutants in a reactor, and effecting it as well. The reactor has a novel design by with rotating catalytic contact reactor comprising acrylic discs rotated using a magnetic drive upon which bacterial cellulose is immobilized and palladized. The invention can be applied for remediation of portable water and industrial waste containing pollutants with the help of the palladized bacterial cellulose immobilized on the provided support. The system was analyzed for various solution affluents and was found to be very effective, paving the way to develop reactors for remedial of wastes, thus helping the environment.

Indian patent application no. 691/MUM/2007 Patent grant no.

European application no. 08738400.4
European grant no. EP 2134469 B1

US patent application no.12/594,748
US patent grant no. 8,496,837

Inventors: Sumathi Sureshi and Upendra Patel