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A process for cyclic supercritical fluid (SCF) CO2 extraction of fragrances

A process for cyclic super critical fluid (SCF) CO2 extraction of fragrances from jasmine flowers was developed by Prof. M. Mukhopadhyay at the Department of Chemical Engineering. The process results a higher and better recovery of fragrances in a single step, as compared to conventional processes.

The process comprises a cycle of static extraction from flowers using supercritical fluid CO2 and dynamic collection of the fragrances by depressurization. Supercritical fluid CO2 is charged into an extractor loaded with jasmine flowers from the bottom and stripping fragrances from the flowers by holding the supercritical fluid CO2 in the extractor for a predetermined period of time in a static condition.
The dynamic fragrance collection is carried out by releasing the fragrance-laden CO2 from the top of the extractor at a controlled rate and simultaneously charging fresh supercritical fluid CO2 into the extractor for a predetermined period under specific pressure and temperature.

Fragrances from the extractor are then recovered in a separator by depressurising the fragrance laden CO2 thereof from the top of the extractor to separate the fragrances.

The process is repeated to continue the cycle of stripping of fragrances from the flowers in static condition and collection of fragrances in dynamic condition. In addition the flowers may be treated with a water soluble organic cosolvent prior to extraction with supercritical fluid CO2 for a still better and higher recovery.

Indian patent application no. 72/BOM/96 Patent grant no. 183454
Inventors: M Mukhopadhyay


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