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Single-stage closed cycle Joule-Thomson cryocooler and mixed gas refrigerant therefor


Single stage closed cycle Joule-Thomson cryocooler and mixed gas refrigerant therefor. The cryocooler (1) comprises a single stage compressor (2), an after cooler 4), a recuperative counter low heat exchanger (8), an expansion device (11) and a cold end  heat exchanger (10). The compressor operates at suction and discharge pressures of 0.163 MPa and1.5683 MPa, respectively and at a pressure ratio of 9.71 between the high pressure stream and low pressure stream of the refrigerant. The cryocooler employs a mixed gas refrigerant comprising 11:1        molar percent neon, 19.59 molar percent nitrogen,22.11 molar percent methane,9.14 molar percent ethane,15.99 molar percent propane and 22.11 molar percent isobutene to produce cryogenic temperature below 70 k(fig 1)

Indian patent application no. 884/MUM/2012
Inventors: Atrey Milind Diwakar, Walimbe Nihar Shripad, Narayankhedkar Kishan