Information for the new Project Staff

Welcome to the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay on joining as a Project Staff in the project. The following points/guidelines are appended below for your information and compliance :-

  1. On joining in the project, you may apply for accommodation and you will be required to deposit Rs.2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only) as Caution Deposit against Hostel/project staff accommodation. The security deposit for married Accomodation in TULSI, VIHAR and Type IIB alloted through DEAN (R and D) Office will be Rs 3000/- from 1st March 2005 onwards. Please ensure that you are informing Salary Clerk about your caution deposit for necessary noting so that the same may be refunded at the time of leaving the project.
  2. If you have been permitted to join provisionally in the project due to any reasons, you should inform the concerned Clerk / Assistant about the completion of joining formalities so that you are not deprived of any privilege and to avoid any embarrassment to yourself such as stoppage of salary/fellowship, increment of fellowship, if agreed or recommended by the Principal Investigator.
  3. If you are on one year appointment then please open a Bank Account in SBI/Canara and inform your A/c Number to the Salary Clerk so that your monthly salary may be deposited to your Bank Account on the day of the payment of salary. It is mandatory for one year appointees to receive their salary / fellowship through Bank.
  4. Your appointment is in the project and you are required to ensure that your attendance is forwarded on or before 25th of every month positively so that your salary for the month may be prepared / processed and paid to you on time. It may not be possible to disburse your monthly salary / fellowship in the absence of attendance for the particular month. Also please collect your salary by last Monday of the next month to avoid cancellation of payment of salary.
  5. Your appointment is for a fixed period as mentioned in your Appointment Letter / Joining Report. Before expiry of the tenure of appointment (at least 15 days before) an online or on paper for further extension should be sent to the Dean (R&D) for extending your tenure for further period which may be recommended by your P.I. On the approval by the Dean (R&D) and subject to availability of funds in the project, you will be issued with Office Order for further extension of tenure in the project. You may check with IRCC (Adm.) about the same at that time.
  6. While working as a project staff, if you get an admission in any of the academic programme (M.Tech/Ph.D. etc) then please intimate your roll Number to IRCC (Adm) for our necessary action. Further, if you are on 89 days adhoc basis appointment, you may be given further extension of tenure upto one year from the date of present tenure ending subject to the P.I.'s recommendation and required funds in the project.
  7. You should ensure that you are issued with Identity card and you may approach Security Section for filling up the form for I Card and getting verified from IRCC (Adm).
  8. You should inform the Salary Clerk about the vacation of Hostel/Project accommodation, in case you have done so either during the tenure of your service or at the time of leaving/resigning.
  9. Your appointment in the project is tenable upto duration of the project. Your services may be transferred to some other project on the recommendations of the Principal Investigator
  10. You may contact us for any queries through telephone, e-mails given in our website The details about the jobs carried out by the staff member concerned in IRCC are also given on the above website. You may contact our office for any queries.
  11. You should ensure that you have submitted your resignation well in time with effective date of resignation which should be the working day (Afternoon) and inform to the IRCC (Adm) so that your final dues and settlement can be processed in time and before closing of the project. Please note that the project is only for a definite period and will terminate at the specified date alongwith no financial dues to be paid in future after the closure of the project. Hence, you are advised to adhere this clause so that your final dues may be paid to you.
  12. On your resignation acceptance, you will be issued a Note for acceptance of the same duly Accepted / Approved by the Dean (R&D) with a date of effect of resignation. You may follow-up NDC (No Dues Certificates) to be obtained from the different Departments. Only on receipt of NDC's, your final settlement Dues will be paid/disbursed to you. You may collect a consolidated performa for NDC from IRCC (Adm.) to take up the same personally or through your representative. If you are not able to complete the NDC formalities, these will be done at its procedure and your final settlement / dues will be despatched in the form of cheque to your address. You may please leave your present address on the application with us to despatch the same.