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Advertisement No. D-23/P(06)18-19
Want to contribute to cutting edge research?
Job Code Project Name, Number of Posts, Eligibility & Consolidated Salary
P(06-1)Application of ring-rearrangement metath
About the project: application of Ring rearrangement metathesis in organic synthesis
Research Associate: (1 Post) Eligibility : MVSc/MPharma/ME/MTech with 3 years of research, teaching and design & development experience
Salary : Consolidated salary Rs.36000/- p.m. + HRA
Job Profile : To conduct research in organic synthesis and also to write reports and publications
   Civil Engineering
P(06-2)DST/INT/UK/P-165/2017dated 13.06.2018Title: LOngshore Sediment Transport Simulations in a Changing Climate"
About the project: - To understand the climate drivers affecting the coastal processes and longshore sediment transport (LST) along the Indian coasts.
- Modelling the longshore sediment transport along the Indian coasts using numerical and empirical models and validating with satellite images and field measurements.
- To investigate the LST and shoreline evolution of select continuous and interrupted coasts for future RCP scenarios recommended by IPCC.
Junior Research Fellow: (1 Post) Eligibility : Post Graduate Degree in Basic Sciences with NET qualification
Graduate Degree in Professional Courses with GATE qualification
Post Graduate Degree in Professional Course
Salary : Consolidated salary Rs.25000/- p.m. + HRA
Job Profile : Expected to dedicate full time for project work. Have to carry out the numerical modelling studies and analysis and prepare progress reports. Visit sites to collect data. Write papers for journal publications.
P(06-3)102/IFD/SAN/3746/2017-2018 dated 30.12.2017Broadband Optical Interferometry and Microspectroscopy Platform (Part A)
About the project: JRF applications are invited to work on a project titled ?Optics and
Spectroscopy based Platform Technologies for Bio-medical Diagnostics?
The project deals with developing sensitive and affordable broadband
interferometric platforms for biomedical applications like low
concentration detection of biomarkers and early stage detection of
selected diseases.

JRF qualification:
As per DBT guide lines. Post Graduate degree with First Class in basic
sciences with NET qualification OR Graduate degree with First Class in
professional courses with NET / GATE qualification OR Post graduate degree
with First Class in the professional course.

Junior Research Fellow: (1 Post) Eligibility : Graduate degree in professional courses with First Class and GATE
Salary : Consolidated salary Rs.30000 - 42000 + Rs.4000.00/- Out Of Campus Allowance (if applicable) p.m.
Job Profile : JRF would be involved in setting up and carrying out table-top experiments aimed at spectroscopic investigations as well as analysing data. Basic knowledge of optics and spectroscopy is expected.
   SJM School of Management
P(06-4)Spons?MM/AHP-1/2017A study of the impact of Yoga Based Practices on Positive Psychological
About the project: This project is about the study of the psychological impact of Yoga based practices using primary and secondary data
Project Research Assistant: (2 Post) Eligibility : Masters degree in psychology, Yoga, management, social work, commerce etc.
Salary : Consolidated salary Rs.16000/- p.m.
Job Profile : Literature Survey in the field of Positive Psychology and Yoga based practices, Data collection with Psychometric tools and medical instruments, Assistance in data analysis and report writing.
The positions are temporary initially for a period of one year and tenable only for the duration of project. The selection committee may offer lower or higher designation and lower or higher salary depending upon the experience and performance of the candidate in the interview. Our Website
Candidate should apply online at Last Date of the receipt of the application is 31st August, 2018. Call letters will be sent through e-mail to the candidates shortlisted for interview and will also be displayed on IRCC website.