IIT Bombay engages in research, education, training, technology development and related activities in almost all areas of technological and scientific interest. Today the Institute is recognized as one of the centers of academic excellence in the country and on par with the best institutions in the world.  

Preamble: Industry Partnership Scheme
IIT Bombay is now looking beyond traditional R&D metrics of publications, patents, funding and is engaged in promoting research that makes a difference. To achieve this, the Institute recognizes the need to enhance engagements with industries & public sector organizations and develop sustainable long-term interactions with industry.

  • For knowledge creation, technology development & manpower development
  • To avail complementary skills and upgrade its capabilities
  • To access new technologies, infrastructure and resources
  • To pursue multidisciplinary approach
  • To leverage public funding
  • To avail First - Right - Commercialization of new technologie
  • To access qualified personnel for recruitment

   Why should the industry collaborate with IITB?

   What are the benefits of industry interactions to IIT Bombay?

  • New & Emerging areas are identified jointly
  • Real-life problems are addressed
  • Impactful quality of research
  • Facilities and infrastructure are built
  • The Institute's skill base is complemented
  • Curriculum of IIT-B is enriched with industry perspectives
  • Attract the best students to pursue careers in research

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