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A Framework for Collaborative Engineering

An important R&D activity in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is developing a systematic approach and software tools for collaborative engineering of cast components used in automobile, aerospace, farming, mining, machine tools, electrical, consumer, and other products. Over the last one decade, several elements of a framework, code-named WebICE (Web-based Intelligent Collaborative Engineering), have been developed and used for solving industrial problems.

The framework allows product, tooling and manufacturing engineers to design, analyze, and improve a casting for lower cost and higher quality assurance using software tools and Internet. The system can troubleshoot and optimize many castings ranging from a few kilograms (e.g. compressor casing and medical equipment housing in aluminium-alloys) to several tons (e.g. hydraulic pumps and press tool parts in ferrous metals). The projects are carried out through involvement of product, tooling, and manufacturing engineers, coupled with continuing education programmes to impart the necessary theoretical background.

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