About The Awards:

IITB Research Internship Award is designed to be an educational and professional research experience. These awards are available for specific research projects. The details of these projects are made available to the candidates so that they can apply for projects of their interest and can prepare themselves well for a rigorous selection procedure. The number of interns will be restricted to the number of projects available. The selected interns are required to work full time for four to six months on the project and will be given a fixed stipend of Rs. 15,000/- per month. On-campus accommodation cannot be provided. Candidates will have to arrange for their own accommodation.

Kindly visit the "How To Apply" page for applying.
Click on the following link: https://www.ircc.iitb.ac.in/IRCC-Webpage/rnd/HRMSLoginPage.jsp for submitting application form

Important Dates:

Task Timeline
Start and Last Date for submission of Application form 1st August,2022 - 30th August, 2022
Dates for Interview 1st October, 2022 - 14th October, 2022
Joining of Internship 1st December, 2022 - 8th January, 2023
Duration of Internship Duration will be minimum four months to maximum six months from the date of joining.

About IITB:
IIT Bombay has made concerted efforts to align its R&D focus with the national goal of achieving technological self-reliance. Students and faculty conduct research projects in thrust areas of science and engineering. Its preeminent position at the cutting-edge of research is reflected in its impressive list of research projects, which cater to both our national needs and global developments.

Education and research are the twin pillars of IITB and the ambience is one in which new ideas and creativity can flourish. A key goal of the Institute is to provide a creative atmosphere in which higher studies and research thrive amongst the students and the faculty. IIT Bombay's commitment to merging education with the creation of knowledge provides a fertile ground for productive research that has led to a range of scientific and technological achievements.

We feel that the main ingredient for successful R & D is enthusiastic young minds. It is from this view point that we have introduced the IITB Research Internship Awards to engage bright external students on it challenging research projects.

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