1. Where can I find the application form?
    Kindly visit How to Apply for applying/queries.

  2. What further career opportunities are possible after completing the internship? After completion of internship will these students be given preference for M.Tech/Phd?
    We strongly encourage interns to apply for M.Tech/Phd. There is no official preference for interns but it is expected that internship experience will prepare candidate well and may be counted during admission interview if found relevant.

  3. Can students who are not in the top 10% apply?
    The basic requirement for the interns is they should be among the top 10% in all the previous years.

  4. Can IITB students apply for these awards?

  5. Can students who are pursuing MCA apply?

  6. If UG students have to spend 6 months / one semester for the internship, what happens to their other courses during this semester in their respective colleges?
    If I do full time internship at IITB what happens to my course work and lectures in my college?
    This scheme is available for the students who do not have any course work to be done in their colleges. In some cases the colleges require students to do one course at the place of project/internship. This may be possible under CEP model (http://www.iitb.ac.in/~cep) provided the project investigator finds value in this and the course instructor allows this.

  7. Are M.Sc students allowed to apply for this scheme?
    Yes, subject to meeting the other eligibility criteria.

  8. Is this scheme available for part time work?

  9. Can I get information about other schemes for external student’s projects?
    Kindly visit the website http://www.iitb.ac.in/academic/toTraining.jsp for other schemes.

  10. Is this a degree programme?
    This is not a degree programme.

  11. Can I participate in IITB placements (i.e. campus recruitment program)?
    No. However, you may apply to work in research projects being carried out at IITB.

  12. Can a student apply in IITB Research Internship in his/her 3rd year B.E/B.Tech?
    Yes you can apply. However, the final decision about whether you are eligible or not will be taken by the project investigator.

  13. Are integrated MSc. students eligible for this IITB Research Internship Awards?

  14. Can the work be submitted for final degree project?
    Yes, subject to the permission of the project investigator.

  15. Can I propose my own research project?
    Internships are available on the projects floated by IIT Bombay faculty only.

  16. I have completed B.E./B.Tech./M.Sc./M.Tech./MCA/MA/MBA; Can I apply?
    No. A candidate who has finished studies or has obtained the relevant degree is not eligible to apply.

  17. I have attached my resume for internship.
    Please apply in the prescribed form. Kindly visit How to Apply for applying/queries.

  18. My branch/discipline/department is not included in the projects. Can I apply to projects of other disciplines?
    Yes subject to the suitability of your background.

  19. Can I apply to multiple projects?
    Students can apply for multiple projects but will be selected for only one project.

  20. Can a candidate work on two projects?

  21. My college is not listed in the drop down menu of the application form?
    Kindly select “Others” option in the drop down menu and mention your ‘college name.

  22. I am a student of Integrated M.Sc. which consists of 10 semesters but you have made provision of only 4 semesters for PG degree.
    Please include first three years as your UG years with a remark in the last column that “these are actually first three years of an integrated M.Sc. course”.

  23. Can the intern take leave during the internship?
    Yes as per rule in force.

  24. Will I get a response back if I submit my application online?

  25. What are some skill areas I can work on to make myself more competitive?
    Please see the description of the projects you are interested in.

  26. What are the expected working hours?
    Usual working hours of the institute are from 9:15am to 5.45pm Monday through Friday. However most technical people work beyond these hours.

  27. Can an M.Tech. student apply who is undergoing degree studies currently as given in eligibility table?